FAQ on Selling Your San Diego Home for Cash

Are you real estate agents?

No, we are not. We are investors. Completely different thing. People often assume that people who deal with real estate are all real estate agents. But that is not true when it comes to us!

What makes you different from other companies?

Please take a close look at our website. You will see dozens of homes that we have bought and sold right here in San Diego. That is not the case with everyone who says “We Buy Houses.” Often, those companies put your house under contract, and then sell that contract to another investor. They receive another commission on top of your agreed upon sale. They may not even have the money they say they do. So, what makes us different is that we are a legitimate real estate investment company, with CASH to pay you today!

What does it really mean when you say that you will buy my house for CASH?

It means exactly what we say. We have the CASH today to purchase your home today. When you sell a home in the traditional way through a real estate agent, banks are typically involved from beginning to end. This is time-consuming, not to mention expensive. But because we have the paper CASH today, we can eliminate that hassle for you!

What will you do with my home after you purchase it?

Each home is different, and each sale is different. In the past, after we purchase the home, we have made repairs and increased the home’s value before selling it to someone else. We have also rented out the homes after we purchased them. Every situation is different, but generally, we do one of those two things – make repairs and sell, or rent it out.

Will you pay what my home is actually worth?

Yes, we always give you fair CASH offers! Why would you sell to us if we didn’t? We know what you want, and we’ve got the CASH to pay for your home today, at a fair market price!

What are the steps in the process of selling my home?

Once we have agreed on a fair price for your home, the next steps are really simple.

  • We send the signed purchase contract to the local title company.
  • The title company requests a payoff from the mortgage company, if necessary.
  • The title company pulls a title report, which ensures a free-and-clear title will go to the buyer.
  • After that, we close at the title company, at a time that fits your schedule.

I currently live outside California. Is that going to be a problem?

We have worked with out-of-state homeowners in the past, and have no problem doing so again! Our local team here in San Diego can help you remotely; you want to sell your home, and we want to buy. We’ll make it happen!

Where will we go to close on my house?

We always meet to close the deal at a local title company, to ensure the transaction is done in compliance with California state laws. This ensures that the paperwork is completed to spec, and we don’t encounter any legal problems after we close.

What if I am behind on my mortgage?

That’s not usually a problem. If you are behind on your mortgage, we request a reinstatement amount and payoff to get a better idea of the debt owed on your property. At that point, we can explore the options available to you.

How long does it take to sell my home?

We move as fast or as slow as you want to move! We have closed on homes as fast as three days in the past! Although that is not a regular occurrence, we close as soon as you need to!

I feel a little overwhelmed with trying to sell my home. What can I do?

We pride ourselves in making the process of selling your home to us as easy and hassle-free as possible. If selling your home has been keeping you up at night, give us a call. We promise we will make the sale of your home a pleasant experience, while putting the most money possible in your wallet.

What will it cost me to have you come look at my home?

An in-home consultation is absolutely free! It costs you nothing for us to come out, appraise your home, and give you a fair CASH offer.

What kind of fees will I need to pay when selling my home to you?

You pay no closing fees or real estate commissions. It is our goal to make sure you have as much money as possible for your home. What would be the point of fees?

My house needs some repairs. Will you still consider it?

YES! We purchase homes in “as is” condition all the time! You don’t need to make repairs to sell your home. This process should be as easy and budget-friendly as possible for you!

My home is in foreclosure. Can you help me?

Yes. We do specialize in homes that are in foreclosure. Even if your home has a scheduled date to be sold, we can still buy it. Many people think foreclosure is the end of the line, and there are no other options once you get there. It’s just not true. Give us a call, and let us see what we can do for you.

What is your program? What do you look at before you make an offer?

Our program is very simple. Every home we look at has three aspects that we evaluate.

  • Current condition of the home
  • The neighborhood and surrounding area’s housing market
  • Your needs as the seller

Based on those three factors, we give you a no-obligation CASH offer, at a reasonable, fair price.

What type of homes do you buy?

We buy all kinds of houses! From homes that need a lot of tender loving care to homes that are move-in ready, we are able to buy any home, for CASH!

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